What’s New in the iPhone 12?

The upcoming iPhone 12 is a new generation of iPhone that has a few things that set it apart from the competition. It features a new, larger 6.7-inch screen with a ceramic shield, the fastest Pro camera system in an iPhone, and cinema-grade Dolby Vision video recording. There’s also a new camera feature called LiDAR that’s designed to let you see objects in 3-D using sensors inside the phone.

mmWave 5G is faster than sub-6GHz

It’s not clear whether Apple’s mmWave 5G technology will be available in the iPhone 12 or not. Earlier rumors said the rear-facing camera would be included in both iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Max models, but recent reports have cast doubt on that theory. However, if it is present, then it is likely to be exclusive to the iPhone 12 Max.

Compared to sub-6GHz, mmWave 5G is faster. However, mmWave is less capable of providing a consistent connection in dense urban environments and is only available in a limited number of urban areas. This means finding a good 5G signal can be challenging. Further, the radio antennas required to support mmWave are larger and difficult to package into a slim smartphone.

It uses a six-core A14 Bionic processor

The new iPhone is powered by a six-core A14 Bionic processing chip, which is much faster than the previous generation’s A12X. It also has an extra active GPU core. Although both chips use the same fabrication process at five nanometers, the performance of the A14 is slightly better for single-core tasks. The A12Z is faster, but it doesn’t offer the same multi-core capabilities. The A14 also offers more cores and more power.

The processor’s cores are more powerful than the previous generation, and the new Apple A14 boasts a much more efficient design. The new processors have a wider superscalar design, which means they can process more instructions per core. This helps to provide improved performance even at lower clock speeds.

It has a flat-edged design

The Apple iPhone 12 is rumored to have a flat-edged design. This style was first seen in the iPhone 4 in 2010. The new iPhone will use a glass back and stainless steel frame to support the front and back glass. This will minimize the effect of the curved edges on internal antenna transmission.

While the flat-edged design makes it easier to hold, the iPhone 12 is still very slippery. It is still possible to lose a case, but this is less likely to happen than with a curved edge. It may even be easier to drop your phone in a wet environment.

It has a LiDAR scanner

Using LiDAR technology, the I phone 12 can take precise measurements. The device uses light waves to measure distance and can be paired with camera tech to produce crisper, more detailed scans. The technology can also be used to improve autofocus and create better-augmented reality experiences.

LiDAR is an important feature for the iPhone, as it allows for better-augmented reality performance. With this technology, apps can use more accurate data about the environment, including distance, height, and other information. LiDAR also makes it possible to position virtual objects on the 3D map.

It has IP68 water and dust resistance

The IP68 water and dust resistance rating indicates that the I phone 12 can withstand brief immersion in water up to two meters deep for up to 30 minutes. The iPhone 12 Pro Max has a higher rating, which means that it can withstand immersion up to six meters for 30 minutes. Even with the higher rating, however, you must still be cautious when using the phone. Water damage to a cell phone can void the manufacturer’s warranty.

The IP68 rating indicates that the iPhone is protected against dust, solid particles, and water. This is important if you plan on using your phone in water for any length of time, whether for leisure or business. An IP68 rating is often found on personal electronics such as headphones, smartwatches, and other gadgets. It ensures that your device will remain protected against dust and water. The IP68 rating on the iPhone 12 series is a great feature for those who like to take their phone with them when traveling.

It has a purple color

While the purple color of the iPhone 12 has nothing to do with the capability or performance of the phone, it is certainly the most eye-catching color configuration. It was not available at the time of the original iPhone 12 release, and it is quite possible that Apple was hoping to boost sales by introducing it now.

The new purple iPhone is available for preorder starting on Friday. The device will be available for purchase at Apple Stores and online. The Apple Store app should update slightly before the website.

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