What Is a Tour Guide System?

A tour guide system is a portable wireless communication device that allows the guide to speak to a group of people. It consists of a transmitter with a microphone, receivers that hold headphones for the audience, and a charging case. Before purchasing a tour guide system, be sure to pick the right microphone. A low-quality audio signal will cause a poor tour guide experience. A good microphone can improve the audio quality of the tour experience and keep the group informed.

Enersound MIC-200SEN headband microphone

The Enersound MIC-200SEN head-worn microphone plugs into a mic socket on the transmitter. It’s worn on the guide’s head, on his earlobes, and on his mouth. It’s lightweight, which means it’s comfortable to use, and the microphone isolates extraneous background noise. This headset-worn microphone can also be used for interviews or audience participation. Unlike an external microphone, it’s a backup microphone that’s muted when the external one is in use.

The ENERSOUND MIC-200SEN headband microphone is a wireless headset that connects to a Sennheiser wireless bodypack transmitter. Its unidirectional pattern helps reduce background noise, allowing guests to hear the guide’s voice clearly. Its metallic gooseneck arm and low-profile design provide excellent mechanical properties, which are essential for a headset with an extended range.

Globibo TG-288 digital tour guide system

Among the most widely used types of digital tour guide systems is the Globibo TG-288. It is a combination of a stationary RF transmitter and wireless receivers. The latter may either have a fixed frequency or be programmable. The wireless receivers allow participants to move freely, while the former is suited for a variety of applications. For example, a high-quality digital tour guide system will have 17 wideband and 40 narrowband channels.

The Globibo TG-288 digital tour-guide system is designed to be incredibly user-friendly and easy to use. It provides clear audio with minimum background noise. Because it is wireless, it is easy to transport and set up. It also doesn’t require any special training or set-up time. The interpreter whispers their message into the transmitter or microphone, and all delegates hear the translated message instantly without disturbing the others.

Sennheiser 2020

The SKM 2020-D is an easy-to-use hand-held microphone designed to reduce unwanted background noise. The microphone’s durable construction and ease of operation ensure the microphone will provide excellent audio quality. Regardless of the number of speakers on your tour, the SKM 2020-D will allow you to speak into a hand-held microphone without a problem. Its design is surprisingly user-friendly, so even a novice will find it easy to operate.

The Sennheiser 2020 tour guide system is a simple-to-use device that incorporates professional features to provide high-quality audio. The system requires no complicated set-up or operation and requires no technical expertise to use. It is equipped with a user-friendly interface and includes a button to synchronize the receiver channels. Users can also add the capability to record audio in any language. The Sennheiser 2020 tour guide system is suitable for guided visits, conferences, and meetings. It also offers easy assisted listening and can be easily set up by a tour guide with little technical knowledge. The device also includes Stethoset HDE receivers, which integrate a receiver and a headset into one convenient device.

Plant Tours

A Plant Tours tour guide system provides clear, high-quality audio that helps visitors hear the tour guide in a natural voice. This system consists of a headset and a transmitter/receiver combination that ensures high-quality audio during factory tours. Wireless tour guide systems, like those used by Sennheiser and Digi-Wave, typically experience issues with audio quality and lack a cord to provide a stable connection. The Plant Tours tour guide system connects wirelessly to a bodypack transmitter and wireless receivers over MHz bands.

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