Raycon E85 Everyday Earbuds Review

If you are looking for waterproof earbuds with decent controls, then you have come to the right place. Raycon earbuds have all the features you need in an earbud. They are lightweight and have long battery life. But they may not be as comfortable as some other models. For those with small ears, these earbuds may not be as comfortable as you would like them to be. They must be pushed into the ear canals to fit properly.

Raycon earbuds are waterproof

Raycon earbuds are one of the most popular and unique wireless headphones on the market. These headphones feature many unique features that help make them an excellent addition to any wardrobe. Many people are wondering if Raycon earbuds are waterproof. Luckily, these headphones are IPX4 or IPX6 rated, making them perfect for the poolside or working out. If you’re in the market for a new pair of headphones, consider purchasing the Raycon E85 Everyday Earbuds.

Raycon earbuds are available in a variety of colors, and the stylish design mimics the appearance of wood. They also come with a charging station that doubles as a carrying case. The earbuds’ stylish design was inspired by nature’s sleek geometry. They’re also waterproof and will last up to 30 minutes. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of headphones, the waterproof feature of Raycon earbuds is a great feature to look for.

They have a long battery life

The battery life of Raycon earbuds depends on the frequency and duration of use. This feature is ideal for those who don’t have time to charge their headphones every day. The battery lasts for up to eight hours, and the earbuds come with a rechargeable case. The Raycon earbuds are available in three models, each with different-sized silicone tips.

As for the sound, the Raycon E55 headphones feature bass-heavy audio. They emphasize low tones too much, drowning out vocals and cluttering the entire mix. The bass isn’t very clear, and the treble range is too high. However, Raycon has two other EQ presets, Pure Sound and Bass Sound. Pure Sound is advertised as a more refined sound, while Bass Sound is meant to give you more bass.

They have decent controls

The controls on the Raycon Fitness Earbuds are adequate. They are split between the left and right earbuds. The volume and track-skipping controls are voice-prompted, and there are beeps to indicate play and pause. However, there is no feedback for track-skipping or volume, and it’s easy to accidentally adjust the volume while trying to use a voice assistant. A hold switch on the earbuds will toggle between EQ presets (Pure Sound, Balanced Sound, Bass Sound, and Hi-Fi). You can also reject calls by holding the same button.

The Raycon Everyday Earbuds are a solid buy. They’re lightweight and offer decent controls, but don’t have as many features as their rivals. The lack of app controls makes them less convenient than some other models, but they’re still a great buy for those who don’t need the best features for their budget. And since they’re so affordable, they offer a one-year warranty.

They are lightweight

The Raycon Everyday Earbuds are available in several colors, from Carbon Black to Electric Blue, and are sure to turn heads. If you’re looking for a more subtle design, you may be interested in the Frost White style. These are very lightweight and are designed to resemble a pair of earbuds. In addition to a stylish look, they also feature high-quality sound. This means you’ll never miss out on your favorite songs again.

These Raycon earbuds are extremely light, which makes them easy to carry around and convenient to use. They also have active noise cancellation technology, which eliminates background noise. They are also waterproof and feature a secure fit. Unlike some other earbuds, Raycon’s are also equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, which is great for streaming audio and using Siri. The Raycon Everyday Earbuds have the longest battery life of any true wireless earbud on the market.

They are water-resistant

Raycon earbuds are water-proof, and they are comfortable to use. They don’t go too deep in your ear canal, so you won’t have to worry about them getting wet or sweating. This is a big plus, as sweating headphones can be very annoying. They also look great, and you can find them in glossy or sleek designs. The downside, though, is that they will get smudged with fingerprints when you use them.

These headphones are compatible with any iOS device, and they have 36-hour battery life. Compared to Apple Airpods, Raycon earbuds offer a greater depth of bass. They have five silicone gel ear tips, whereas Apple Airpods come with three. The headphones work best with iOS devices, and they are sweat and water-resistant. Both Apple Airpods and Raycon earbuds come with touch functions, which make them easier to use. Raycon earbuds are sweat and water-resistant and are a more convenient option for people who work in the shower or sweat.

They don’t support multipoint pairing

Raycon earbuds do not support Bluetooth multipoint pairing. They can only be connected to one device at a time, and you must manually switch between them. For this, you must hold down both buttons on the earbuds for 30 seconds, then place them back in their charging case. This may sound cumbersome, but the problem is that you cannot pair these earbuds with two different devices simultaneously.

The battery life of Raycon earbuds is about four hours. They are very convenient for people who don’t have time to charge their headphones. The battery life is fairly good and they can be used even when you’re using the other earbuds while they charge. However, you can only use one earbud at a time. The main earbud is the left one, and the other earbud is the right one for other devices.

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